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Game Of Throne Season 5 “The War To Come” Episode 1 Written Update, Spoiler,Review

Game Of Throne Season 5 “The War To Come” Episode 1 Written Update, Spoiler,Review 4.80/5 (96.00%) 10 votes

Game Of Throne Season 5 “The War To Come” Episode 1 Written Update, Spoiler, Review- So well the anticipation and the wait for the latest season of Game Of Thrones 5 is going to come to an end with the opening of the Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1, “The War To Come” on Sunday, April 12, 2015 and hence would again would began this adamant fight and conspiracy and the game that has been played, planned and manipulated just to gain power and to reach the place so to acquire the Iron Throne to rule on all of the Seven Kingdom has along came by after such a wait for a whole year is all set and geared up to get broadcast and this time the game has totally changed and characters are opening up to show up their true colors, so are going to have real hard time, some to get down to all levels of brutality and all this at the end of this season will destine their future of either they could make it to highs or are to dig down their own graves and pull their own self in it, so all of it episode by episode we would review it but for all of those exciting once, who are looking for the glimpses into what’s coming their way in the Game Of Thrones Season 5, we have came up here with the Game Of Throne Season 5 “The War To Come” Episode 1 Written, Spoiler, Review about what possibly is the plot line and the story of at least Game Of Throne 5 Episode 1 and just in case if you people don’t want to move ahead and spoiler your curiosity and anticipation about the series than we would advice you people to avoid it because it contains the Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Spoiler.

 Game Of Throne Season 5 “The War To Come” Episode 1 Written Update and Review

Game Of Thrones 5 Episode 1 “The War To Come” Written Update, Review, Spoiler

The episode one opens in a very fragile manner along with some vivid and old images of somebody’s thoughts and is basically the Cersei into the flashback being offered with a prediction by the witch of that she years later would become the Queen but has got a difficulty of loosing that opportunity because that this place would be taken away by someone very beautiful, charming and intelligent women of the same caliber and all of this now in the present time has come true with her son marrying Margaery Tyrell who would soon after marrying would ultimately become the Queen and all that was told has come true and now all that she could do is regret about it.

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Other side it is Jaime who has now volunteered himself to becomes the King’s Guard and this has upset Cersei when in person burst out to scold and say that he has disappointed their own father of doing this and do not deserve to do any of this. Tywin on the other hand is dead and on one hand Cersei has came to be called as the Sparrow but it is not her the Sparrow instead Lancel Lanniste after and on to the return of the Kings landing is revealed that it is him the Sparrow and not Cersei but Cersei has got to do with him in some way and the link follows when Lancel is showed forgiving her for the request that she made and he agreed to do it which is to kill King Robert Baratheon and it was this reason that upsets him and forgiving her would set him free from this thought of this haunting.

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Later it then revealed of the actual killer of Tywin’s killers and not anyone else but Tyrion himself and the situation has shattered him from inside so is in a state of isolation where he has started to drink a lot with this though haunting him of him killed his father and lover both simultaneously and all of this happens into the observation of Varys and just to divert him from all of this and bring him back to the actual issue of bringing some one into power, diverts the topic to bringing Daenerys into focus of helping her for the better future and bring the one ahead with great caliber because it is Daenerys who has been trying to manage in governing two different cities of Yunkai and Meeren and that is where the episode come to it pre climax situation of the Game Of Thrones 5 Episode one with John Snow striving hard and struggling with the situation of not letting the Stannis to plan up to take over the north with the help of conspiring with Mance who us happened to be the king behind the walls of North and this is how the Episode one ends up with John Snow trying to struggle between both of them.

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So this is how the season is going to begin with completing of all kinds of speculation that has leftover in the earlier season and would complete it, so to begin a new and a strategic trial of each once action of their own game plans, so we will keep on bring all such interesting takes onto every single part from the latest Game Of Thrones Season 5, so stay update to all of it only here.

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